About Us

About Us

We Are In A Mission To
Help The Helpness

Everything started back in 2012 when I and my business partner visited most of the Regions and Districts in Ghana to assist the poor communities.

For us, it was the first time to see young people on the streets, having nowhere to stay and earning very little for a long day’s work. As we walked into the rural areas of the country, the most basic needs of the children were barely being met. Believed it or not, most of them were eating only once a day, low-quality food.

This is when our worldview changed in an instant.


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About Us

Our Burning Desire

We were immediately overwhelmed by a burning desire to create change and to make a real and lasting contribution toward improving the quality of life and the future for such vulnerable children and families.

So, in 2020 we created a brand-new non-profit organization called Global Assistance, that provides these poor communities with the basic needs: food, shelter, and clothes.

Our Mission

Make World Happier

Focusing on these 4 main necessities means that we can give a chance to these communities to plan for the future and let their children continue school.

Clean Water

Bringing clean and safe water to people in Ghana.

Healthy Food

Provide the poor with the nutrients they need to sustain their body's well-being and retain energy.

Medical Help

Free Medicines to the poor & needy.

Proper Education

Proper education is the future and the escape of these children and the future of Ghana as a country.

Our Team

Meet With Them

Meet our honorable team members who make everything posible.

Abdul Aziz Issaka

CEO and Director of Global Assistance

Hager Amidu

Advisor and  Senior Environmental Health Assistant

David Walker


Mohammed Awal Suleiman


Efiri Tete


Mohammed Saad Anjouj